Women on Juries

  • W. G. Morrow


In (1970) 8 Alta. L. Rev. at 50, Mr. Justice W. G. Morrow made a study of the behavior patterns in juries in the Northwest Territories covering the years 1955-1968.I n this article, the writer develops this study further, concentrating upon the effect, if any, which women jurors have had upon these behavioral patterns. The article reproduces part of the original study, and is followed by the present study covering the years 1968-1973. For the convenience of the readers, the editors have converted all of the charges into the numbering system presently in effect in the current Criminal Code.
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Morrow, W. G. (1). Women on Juries. Alberta Law Review, 12(3), 321. https://doi.org/10.29173/alr2361