Termination of Employment

  • Rowland J. Harrison


If as Parliamentary critics would have us believe, more and more Canadians are soon to become "consumers of social services", Professor Harrison's article is indeed timely. In the following pages one aspect of the law of master and servant is explored—that of termination of employment. Looking at both the employee's position and that of the employer, the author discusses the rights and obligations of each when the employment contract has, or is about to be, terminated. Difficult aspects of this area of the law—wrongful dismissal, the defences, the bars, the appropriate period of notice, and the quantum of damages are all discussed, both in their historical context and against the social policies and pressures of today.
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Harrison, R. J. (1). Termination of Employment. Alberta Law Review, 10(2), 250. https://doi.org/10.29173/alr2421