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Bruce, Christopher
Bruce, Christopher J.
Bruce, Christopher J.
Bruni, Gino, Associate at Torys LLP
Bruni, Michael J.
Bruno, Giorilyn, Research Fellow, Canadian Institute of Resources Law, University of Calgary.
Bruno, Giorilyn
Brussa, John A.
Bruton, M. E.
Bruyer, Richard, de Villars Jones, Edmonton
Bryan, Michael
Bryan, Peter A.
Bryan Q.C., George J.
Bryden, Philip
Bryden, Philip, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, on leave as Deputy Minister, Alberta Justice and Solicitor General
Bubela, Tania M.
Buchan-Terrell, W. Grant
Buchinksi, Marie H.
Buchinski, Marie H., Bennett Jones LLP
Buck, Manon, Restorative Justice Division, Correctional Service Canada.
Buckingham, Janice
Buckingham, Janice
Budnitsky, Henry J.
Bunting, Annie
Bunz, Curtis G.
Burchmore, Patricia
Burgess, and Patrick W., Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Burgess, Patrick W.
Burgess, Patrick W.
Burningham, Sarah
Burns, P. T.
Burrows, Brian
Bushnell, S. I.
Byblow, Keith

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