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Palmer, Andie Diane
Palmer, Brian D.
Palmer, C. A. G.
Palmer, E. E.
Palmer, Geoffrey W. R.
Palmer, James
Palmer, Jerald D.
Parachin, Adam, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario.
Paradis, Patricia
Parfett, Julianne
Park, J. Jay
Parker, Graham
Parker, Graham E.
Parma, Alisha, Associate with Kornfeld LLP
Parmar, Pooja, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
Pasieka, James M.
Pask, E. Diane
Paskuski, Geoffrey S.
Patel, Aman S.
Patenaude, Pierre
Paterson, Alan, Director of the Centre for Professional Legal Studies, Strathclyde University Law School, Scotland; Chair of the International Legal Aid Group; Chair of the Legal Aid and Legal Services Group of the International Working Group on Comparative Legal Profess
Patrick, Jeremy, Assistant Professor of Legal Research and Writing, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.
Paulus, Joni R.
Pawlowski, Dennis
Payne, Julien D.
Peach, Ian
Peacock, J. P.
Peacock, Jim, Past President of the Law Society of Alberta
Pearce, Clarissa
Pearson, Ronald H.
Peck, Stan
Pelzer, R. E.
Penick, F. V. W.
Penick, F. V. W. (Van)
Penick, Van
Pennell, L. T.
Penner, J. E.
Penney, Steven
Penney, Steven, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
Penney, Steven M.
Pentelechuk, Dawn
Pentland, Eric
Pepler, J.
Pepler, W. R.
Pepler, W. R.
Pepler, William R.
Percy, D. R.
Percy, David R
Percy, David R.
Percy, David R.
Percy, Q.C., David
Perell, Paul M.
Perrin, Robert M.
Perry, Chrysten
Perryman, Benjamin, JSD candidate (Yale), 2015 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar, and Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council Doctoral Fellow
Peterson, Margaret Gallagher
Petersson, Sandra
Pettifer, Karen L.
Pettigrew, D. R.
Pham, J.P.
Philip, W.
Philip, Yemi, Associate, Durocher Simpson Koehli & Erler LLP, Edmonton
Phillips, Jim
Phillips, John Kingman
Phillips, Robert
Phillips, Robert L.
Phillips, Shelley N.
Phillipson, Martin, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan.
Picard, E.
Picard, Ellen, Ellen Picard was a professor of law at the University of Alberta from 1972 to 1986 when she was appointed to the Court of Queen’s Bench. In 1995 she was appointed to the Alberta Court of Appeal from which she retired in 2016.
Pickard, James G.
Pigeon, Honourable Mr. Justice Louis-Philippe
Pigeon, The Hon. Louis-Philippe
Pitel, Stephen GA
Pittman, Miles, Partner in the Calgary office of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Pittman, Miles F., Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP, Calgary.
Pittman, Miles
Plaxton, Michael
Plyley, Kate, PhD 2018, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria
Poelman, Glen H.
Pollock, Leonard J.
Pollock, Leonard J.
Pollock, Leonard J. Q.C.
Pollock Q.C., Leonard J.
Ponomarenko, Iryna
Popowich, Morris, Macleod Dixon, Toronto.
Portigal, L. S.
Portlock, Peter
Poschwatta, Jenette
Postill, Susan
Pothier, Dianne
Potter, K.
Potter, K. B.
Potter, Kenneth B.
Potter, Kenneth B.
Pottinger, Robert E.
Poulton, D. W.
Powell, Stephen J.
Power, W. Kent
Powers, R. G.

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