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Vol 47, No 3: Rethinking Canadian Homicide Law Beatty, J.F., and the Law of Manslaughter Abstract   PDF
Larry C. Wilson
Vol 54, No 1 Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, Matthew Desmond (New York: Crown Publishing Group, 2016) Abstract   PDF
Anna Lund
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Tate & Lyle : Pure Economic Loss and the Modern Tort of Public Nuisance Abstract   PDF
J. W. Neyers, Andrew Botterell
VOL 9, NO 2 A Casebook on Equity and Succession: by J. Tiley Details   PDF
Jeremy S. Williams
VOL 18, NO 2 A History of Dalhousie Law School by John Willis Details   PDF
W. F. Bowker
Vol 43, No 4 A Revisionist History of Tort Law: From Holmesian Realism to Neoclassical Rationalism, alan Calnan (Durham, n.C: Carolina Academic Press, 2005) Abstract   PDF
Russell Brown
VOL 11, NO 2 Abstraction and Use of Water: A Comparison of Legal Regimes: by Ludwik A. Teclaff Details   PDF
J. W. Samuels
VOL 14, NO 2 Access to the Law: by M. L. Friedland Details   PDF
W. R. Pepler, J. Pepler
VOL 10, NO 1 Accidents, Compensation and the Law: By P.S. Atiyah Details   PDF
Henry L. Molot
VOL 17, NO 3 Admittance Restricted: The Child as a Citizen in Canada by Task Force of the Canadian Council on Children and Youth Children and the Law by Jeffrey Wilson Details   PDF
Olive M. Stone
VOL 11, NO 2 Aesop in the Courts: By Aron Stever Details   PDF
Don R. Stuart
VOL 20, NO 2 Alberta Conveyancing Law and Practice by J. Sterk Details   PDF
Ronald G. Starchuk
Vol 52, No 1: Alberta Court of Appeal Centenary Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner) v. United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 401 Abstract   PDF
Bruce Curran
VOL 20, NO 3 An Annotation of the Alberta Rules of Court by The Honourable W.A. Stevenson and J.E. Cote Details   PDF
Kathleen Mahoney
VOL 8, NO 3 An Outline of the Law of Evidence: By Rupert Cross and Nancy Wilkins Details   PDF
D. C. McDonald
VOL 20, NO 2 Anatomy of International Law by J.A. Merrills Details   PDF
E.P. Mendes
VOL 19, NO 2 Anticombines and Antitrust by R.J. Roberts Details   PDF
R.S. Nozick
VOL 21, NO 2 Assault on the Worker: Occupational Health and Safety in Canada by Charles E. Reasons, Lois L. Ross, and Craig Paterson Details   PDF
René R. Gadacz
VOL 22, NO 2 Basic Documents in International Law edited by Ian Brownlie Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 16, NO 3 Beyond Control: Status of Offenders in the Juvenile Court: Edited by Lee E. Teitelbaum and Aidan R. Gough Details   PDF
Olive M. Stone
VOL 20, NO 3 Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association v. the Council of the City of Calgary and Patricia Investments Ltd. Details   PDF
David Phillip Jones
Vol 45, No 1 Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head Tax Case, David Dyzenhaus & Mayo Moran, eds. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005) Abstract   PDF
Trevor Purvis
VOL 20, NO 3 Canada and the Constitution 1979-1982 by Edward McWhinney Details   PDF
Ronald H. Sawchuk
VOL 9, NO 2 Canadian Constitutional Law in a Modern Perspective: by J. Noel Lyon and Ronald J. Atkey Details   PDF
H. J. Wilson, Q.C.
VOL 15, NO 1 Canadian Constitutional Law: by Whyte and Lederman Details   PDF
Patrick N. McDonald
VOL 22, NO 3 Canadian Criminal Evidence (Second Edition) by P.K. McWilliams Q.C. Details   PDF
James C. Robb
VOL 13, NO 2 Canadian Criminal Evidence: by Peter K. McWilliams Details   PDF
B. M. Barker
VOL 7, NO 1 Canadian Criminal Procedure: By Roger E. Salhany Details   PDF
William Henkel
VOL 16, NO 1 Canadian Environmental Law: by R. Franson and A. Lucas Details   PDF
D. R. Percy
VOL 7, NO 1 Canadian Law of Customs and Excise: By Eaton and Chalmers Details   PDF
E. J. Mockler
VOL 20, NO 2 Canadian Law of Inquests by T.D. Marshall Details   PDF
J.C. Robb
VOL 11, NO 2 Canadian Negligence Law: by Allen M. Linden Details   PDF
G. H. L. Fridman
VOL 17, NO 2 Canadian Tort Law, by Allen M. Linden Details   PDF
Brent W. Aitken
VOL 14, NO 2 Canadian Tort Law: by Wright and Linden Details   PDF
Ellen I. Jacobs
VOL 7, NO 1 Canadian Treaty Making: By. A. E. Gotlieb Details   PDF
J. W. Samuels
VOL 19, NO 2 Canadian Yearbook of International Law edited by C.B. Bourne and A.D. Pharand Details   PDF
E.P. Mendes
VOL 8, NO 3 Cardozo and Frontiers of Legal Thinking: By Beryl H. Levy Details   PDF
David R. Percy
VOL 17, NO 2 Cases and Materials on Criminal Law and Procedure, 5th Edition, by M. L. Friedland Details   PDF
A. Clayton Rice
VOL 22, NO 3 Certiorari and the Correction of Intra-Jurisdictional Errors of Law Details   PDF
D. P. Jones, Anne de Villars
Vol 56, No 1 Claire L’Heureux-Dubé: A Life, Constance Backhouse (Vancouver: UBC Press for the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History, 2017) Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey, Gillian Calder, Patricia Cochran, Maneesha Deckha, Freya Kodar, Hester Lessard, Pooja Parmar, Kate Plyley, Mark Zion
VOL 6, NO 1 Collective Bargaining in Canada: By A. W. R. Carrothers Details   PDF
Innis Christie
VOL 20, NO 3 Commercial and Consumer Transactions: Cases, Texts and Materials edited by J.S. Ziegel and B. Geva Details   PDF
E.S. Steinberg
VOL 17, NO 3 Compendium of Case Law Relating to the European Communities by H.J. Eversen, H. Sperl and J. A. Usher Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 15, NO 1 Concepts of Just War: by Yehuda Melzer Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 20, NO 2 Conflict and Compromise: International Law and World Order in a Revolutionary Age by E. McWhinney Details   PDF
L.C. Green
VOL 14, NO 2 Constitutional Protection of Equality: T. Koopmans (ed.) Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 14, NO 1 Construction of Statutes: by E.A. Driedger Details   PDF
L. N. Klar
VOL 18, NO 2 Consumer Credit by R. M. Goode Details   PDF
I. D. C. Ramsay
VOL 8, NO 3 Contemporary Problems of Public Law in Canada Essays in Honour of Dean F. C. Cronkite: Edited by O. E. Lang Details   PDF
G. V. La Forest Q.C.
VOL 9, NO 2 Contempt: by Swallow Press Inc. Details   PDF
W. A. Stevenson
VOL 17, NO 3 Contracts: Cases and Commentaries by Christine Boyle and David Percy Details   PDF
David Vaver
Vol 50, No 4 Corporate Governance after the Financial Crisis, P.M. Vasudev & Susan Watson, eds. Abstract   PDF
Steven N. Mandziuk
Vol 52, No 3 Cuthbertson v. Rasouli: Continued Confusion Over Consent-Based Entitlements to Life Support Abstract   PDF
Hilary Young
Vol 50, No 4 Daniels v. Canada: The Inevitable Comes to Pass, At Last Abstract   PDF
Ian Peach, Aaron Mintz
Vol 46, No 3 Defining Rights and Wrongs: Bureaucracy, Human Rights, and Public Accountability, Rosanna L. Langer Abstract   PDF
Patricia Paradis
VOL 18, NO 3 Discovery in Canada by Clare E. Choate Details   PDF
Robert C. White
VOL 21, NO 2 Discrimination and the Law in Canada by Walter S. Tarnopolsky Details   PDF
René R. Gadacz
VOL 8, NO 1 Double Jeopardy: By Martin L. Friedland Details   PDF
Burke M. Barker
Vol 45, No 1 Double N Earthmovers Ltd. v. Edmonton (City of): The Erosion of the Law of Tendering as Set Out in R. v. Ron Engineering & Construction (Eastern) Ltd. Abstract   PDF
Don J. Manderscheid Q.C.
VOL 10, NO 2 Due Process Safeguards and Canadian Criminal Justice - A One Month Inquiry: By Canadian Civil Liberties Education Trust Details   PDF
R. M. Mewburn
VOL 20, NO 2 Employment Law in Canada by I. Christie and Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Canada by H.W. Arthurs, D.D. Carter and H.J. Glasbeek Details   PDF
C.R.B. Dunlop
Vol 43, No 3: Special Issue: Privacy Law Englander v. Telus: Protection of Privacy in the Private Sector Goes to the Federal Court of Appeal Abstract   PDF
Marc-Aurele Racicot
Vol 54, No 4 Epistemologies of the South: Justice Against Epistemicide, Bonaventura de Sousa Santos (Boulder: Paradigm, 2014) Abstract   PDF
Sara Gwendolyn Ross
VOL 6, NO 2 Equity and The Law of Trusts: By Phillip H. Pettit Details   PDF
Jeremy S. Williams
VOL 15, NO 1 Evidence Before International Tribunals: by Durward V. Sandifer Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 4, NO 1 Ex Parte Maitland Details   PDF
J. E. Cote
VOL 7, NO 1 Explorations in Aerospace Law: Edited by I. A. Vlasic Details   PDF
J. W. Samuels
VOL 8, NO 1 Falconbridge on Banking and Bills of Exchange (Seventh Edition): By Arthur W. Rogers (ed.) Details   PDF
F. A. Laux
VOL 23, NO 3 Family Law in Canada by C. Davies Details   PDF
Jean McBean
VOL 18, NO 3 Federal Oil and Gas Taxation by J. B. Katchen and R. W. Bowhay; Canadian Taxation of Oil and Gas Income by E. N. Holland, G. R. Schulli and R. M. Kemp; The Taxation of Partnerships by L. A. Eddy; Capital Gains and Rollovers by L. A. Eddy Details   PDF
David Phillip Jones
Vol 47, No 1 Fighting for Political Freedom: Comparative Studies of the Legal Complex and Political Liberalism by Terence C. Halliday, Lucien Karpik, and Malcolm M. Feeley, eds. Abstract   PDF
Robert Russo
Vol 13, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Foreign Investment Review Act Abstract   PDF
William H. Bonney
VOL 10, NO 1 Foreign Investments and International Law: By Georg Schwarzenberger Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 8, NO 1 Foreign Policy and International Law: By C. G. Fenwick Details   PDF
J. W. Samuels
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Forging Alberta's Constitutional Framework, Richard Connors & John M. Law, eds. Abstract   PDF
Doreen Barrie
Vol 45, No 4 Forging Alberta's Constitutional Framework, Richard Connors and John M. Law, eds., and The Alberta Supreme Court at 100: History and Authority, Jonathan Swainger, Ed. Abstract   PDF
James W. Muir
Vol 48, No 3 Fullowka v. Pinkerton’s of Canada Ltd. and the Material Contribution Test for Factual Causation in Negligence Abstract   PDF
Robin Hansen
VOL 13, NO 2 Fundamental Guarantees of the Parties in Civil Litigation: Mauro Capelletti and Denis Tallon (eds.) Details   PDF
S. P. Khetarpal
VOL 22, NO 3 Fundamentals of Trial Techniques - Canadian Edition by Thomas A. Mauet, Donald G. Casswell, Gordon P. Macdonald Details   PDF
Barry Vogel
VOL 21, NO 2 General Motors of Canada Ltd. v. Naken: Two Centuries Forgotten Details   PDF
Dennis Pawlowski
VOL 11, NO 1 Hire Purchase Law and Practice: by R. M. Goode Details   PDF
G. H. L. Fridman
VOL 8, NO 3 Historical Foundations of the Common Law: By S. F. C. Milsom Details   PDF
Jeremy S. Williams
VOL 1, NO 3 Hollington v. Hewthorn in Canada Details   PDF
E. R. Shymka
VOL 12, NO 2 How to Manage Your Law Office: by Mary Ann Altman and Robert I. Weil Details   PDF
George P. Andersen
Vol 55, No 1 Hryniak v. Mauldin Comes to Alberta: Summary Judgment, Culture Shift, and the Future of Civil Trials Abstract   PDF
Barbara Billingsley
VOL 11, NO 2 Human Rights Casefinder: 1953-1969, The Warren Court Era: Edited by A.F. Ginger Meiklejohn Details   PDF
W. F. Bowker
VOL 14, NO 1 In the Last Resort: by Paul Weiler Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 20, NO 2 Income Taxation of Partnerships and Their Partners by B.J. Arnold and D.K. McNair Details   PDF
D.P. Jones
VOL 7, NO 2 Insurance Act, S.A. 1960, c. 49, s. 263 - Survivorship Act, S.A. 1964, c. 91, s. 2(1) - Conflict of Statutes - Re Cane and Cane (1968), 66 D.L.R. (2d) 741 - Re Biln (1967), 59 W.W.R. 229 Details   PDF
Kenneth B. Potter
VOL 6, NO 1 International Civil Procedure: By István Szászy Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 7, NO 2 International Law - A Text: By R. B. Jacobini. The Dynamics of International Organization: By Phillip E. Jacob and Alexine L. Atherton Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 9, NO 2 International Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals: by Georg Schwarzenberger; International Law, The Law of Armed Conflict: by Georg Schwarzenberger; International Law: by D.P. O'Connell Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 17, NO 3 Introduction to Conflict of Laws by T. M. Hertz, Introduction to Conflict of Laws by J. G. Castel Details   PDF
R. C. Secord
VOL 18, NO 3 J. R. Paine and Associates Ltd. v. Strong, Lamb and Nelson Ltd. Details   PDF
Lewis N. Klar
VOL 18, NO 2 Jepson v. The Canadian Salt Company Limited Details   PDF
Mary Anne Waldron
VOL 9, NO 1 Judicial Protection Against the Executive: Edited by Herman Mosler Details   PDF
L. C. Green
VOL 15, NO 1 Jurisprudence: The Philosophy and Method of the Law: by Edgar Bodenheimer Details   PDF
A. Clayton Rice
VOL 6, NO 1 Jurisprudence: By B. A. Wortley Details   PDF
Marvin G. Baer
VOL 6, NO 1 Jus Quaesitum Tertio in the Common Law - Right of Third-Party Beneficiary to Sue on Contract - Collateral Contracts - Letters of Credit - Exemption Clauses Details   PDF
W. E. D. Davies
VOL 8, NO 3 La Controle Judiciaire de l'Administration au Quebec: Par Rene Dussault Details   PDF
The Honourable Mr. Justice A. M. Dechene
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