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Vol 47, No 3: Rethinking Canadian Homicide Law Beatty, J.F., and the Law of Manslaughter Abstract   PDF
Larry C. Wilson
Vol 54, No 1 Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, Matthew Desmond (New York: Crown Publishing Group, 2016) Abstract   PDF
Anna Lund
Vol 53, No 4: Special Issue: Tort Law Tate & Lyle : Pure Economic Loss and the Modern Tort of Public Nuisance Abstract   PDF
J. W. Neyers, Andrew Botterell
Vol 43, No 4 A Revisionist History of Tort Law: From Holmesian Realism to Neoclassical Rationalism, alan Calnan (Durham, n.C: Carolina Academic Press, 2005) Abstract   PDF
Russell Brown
Vol 52, No 1: Alberta Court of Appeal Centenary Alberta (Information and Privacy Commissioner) v. United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 401 Abstract   PDF
Bruce Curran
Vol 45, No 1 Calling Power to Account: Law, Reparations, and the Chinese Canadian Head Tax Case, David Dyzenhaus & Mayo Moran, eds. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005) Abstract   PDF
Trevor Purvis
Vol 50, No 4 Corporate Governance after the Financial Crisis, P.M. Vasudev & Susan Watson, eds. Abstract   PDF
Steven N. Mandziuk
Vol 52, No 3 Cuthbertson v. Rasouli: Continued Confusion Over Consent-Based Entitlements to Life Support Abstract   PDF
Hilary Young
Vol 50, No 4 Daniels v. Canada: The Inevitable Comes to Pass, At Last Abstract   PDF
Ian Peach, Aaron Mintz
Vol 46, No 3 Defining Rights and Wrongs: Bureaucracy, Human Rights, and Public Accountability, Rosanna L. Langer Abstract   PDF
Patricia Paradis
Vol 45, No 1 Double N Earthmovers Ltd. v. Edmonton (City of): The Erosion of the Law of Tendering as Set Out in R. v. Ron Engineering & Construction (Eastern) Ltd. Abstract   PDF
Don J. Manderscheid Q.C.
Vol 43, No 3: Special Issue: Privacy Law Englander v. Telus: Protection of Privacy in the Private Sector Goes to the Federal Court of Appeal Abstract   PDF
Marc-Aurele Racicot
Vol 54, No 4 Epistemologies of the South: Justice Against Epistemicide, Bonaventura de Sousa Santos (Boulder: Paradigm, 2014) Abstract   PDF
Sara Gwendolyn Ross
Vol 47, No 1 Fighting for Political Freedom: Comparative Studies of the Legal Complex and Political Liberalism by Terence C. Halliday, Lucien Karpik, and Malcolm M. Feeley, eds. Abstract   PDF
Robert Russo
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Forging Alberta's Constitutional Framework, Richard Connors & John M. Law, eds. Abstract   PDF
Doreen Barrie
Vol 45, No 4 Forging Alberta's Constitutional Framework, Richard Connors and John M. Law, eds., and The Alberta Supreme Court at 100: History and Authority, Jonathan Swainger, Ed. Abstract   PDF
James W. Muir
Vol 48, No 3 Fullowka v. Pinkerton’s of Canada Ltd. and the Material Contribution Test for Factual Causation in Negligence Abstract   PDF
Robin Hansen
Vol 55, No 1 Hryniak v. Mauldin Comes to Alberta: Summary Judgment, Culture Shift, and the Future of Civil Trials Abstract   PDF
Barbara Billingsley
Vol 46, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition Lady Freyberg: Examples of How Contemporary Courts in Alberta Approach the Modern Business Realities of the Freehold Petroleum and Natural Gas Lease Abstract   PDF
Chris Simard, David Holub, Larina Taylor
Vol 52, No 3 Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. v. Canada (Attorney General): Breathing New Life into the "Empty Box" Doctrine of "Indian Title" Abstract   PDF
Darren O'Toole
Vol 46, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition NAFTA, Alberta Oil Sands Royalties, and Change: Yes We Can? Abstract   PDF
Bernard J. Roth
Vol 52, No 1: Alberta Court of Appeal Centenary People Principles Progress: The Alberta Court of Appeal’s First Century 1914 to 2014, David Mittelstadt Abstract   PDF
Wayne Renke
Vol 45, No 4 Preventing Surprise Attacks: Intelligence Reform in the Wake of 9/11; Remaking Domestic Intelligence; and Uncertain Shield: The U.S. Intelligence System in the Throes of Reform, by Richard A. Posner Abstract   PDF
Wayne Renke
Vol 50, No 3: Special Issue: Insurance Law Progressive Homes Ltd. v. Lombard General Insurance Co. of Canada Abstract   PDF
Peter Bowal
Vol 47, No 1 R. v. Cairn-Duff: A Look into Media Access to Court Exhibit Abstract   PDF
Adrienne Roy
Vol 50, No 4 R. v. N.S.: What is Fair in a Trial? The Supreme Court of Canada's Divided Opinion on the Niqab in the Courtroom Abstract   PDF
Faisal Bhabha
Vol 49, No 1 R v Syncrude Canada: A Clash of Bitumen and Birds Abstract   PDF
Shaun Fluker
Vol 46, No 1 Rediscovering the Law of Negligence, Allan Beever Abstract   PDF
Russell Brown
Vol 53, No 3 Showing Remorse: Law and the Social Control of Emotion , Richard Weisman (Burlington, VA: Ashgate, 2014) Abstract   PDF
Gilles Renaud
Vol 51, No 3 Still Dying for a Living: Corporate Criminal Liability After the Westray Mine Disaster, Steven Bittle (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2012) Abstract   PDF
Wayne Renke
Vol 45, No 2 Taylor v. Canada (Minister of Citizenship and Immigration): Discrimination, Due Process, and the Origins of Citizenship in Canada Abstract   PDF
Stacey A. Saufert
Vol 45, No 1 Tessling, Brown, and A.M.: Towards a Principled Approach to Section 8 Abstract   PDF
William MacKinnon
Vol 43, No 4 The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, Joel Bakan (Toronto: Viking Canada, 2004) Abstract   PDF
Moin A. Yahya
Vol 48, No 1 The Courts, the Charter, and the Schools: The Impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Educational Policy and Practice, 1982-2007, Michael Manley-Casimir and Kirsten Manley-Casimir, eds. Abstract   PDF
Sandra M. Anderson
Vol 44, No 2 (2006) The Last Word: Media Coverage of the Supreme Court of Canada, Florian Sauvageau, David Schneiderman and David Taras Abstract   PDF
Michael E. Deturbide
Vol 47, No 4 The Law of the Land: The Advent of the Torrens System in Canada by Greg Taylor Abstract   PDF
Marie-Ann Bowden
Vol 48, No 3 The Negotiable Constitution: On the Limitation of Rights, Grégoire C.N. Webber Abstract   PDF
Dwight Newman
Vol 51, No 1 The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada's Constitution, David R. Boyd (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2012) Abstract   PDF
Cameron S.G. Jefferies
Vol 49, No 1 The Snail and the Ginger Beer: The Singular Case of Donoghue v Stevenson, Matthew Chapman (London: Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2010) Abstract   PDF
John C. Kleefeld
Vol 46, No 1 Weak Courts, Strong Rights: Judicial Review and Social Welfare Rights in Comparative Constitutional Law, Mark Tushnet Abstract   PDF
Peter Carver
Vol 51, No 3 Whatcott: The Redaction of the Taylor Dissent Abstract   PDF
Derek James From
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Will the Circle be Unbroken? Aboriginal Communities, Restora tive Justice, and the Challenges of Conflictand Change, Jane Dickson-Gilmore & Carol La Prairie Abstract   PDF
Angela Cameron
Vol 50, No 4 A Book That Shaped Your World Details   PDF
Kimberly Precht
VOL 42, NO 4 A Brave New World of Criminal Justice: Neil Gerlach's Genetic Imaginary Details   PDF
Steve Coughlan
Vol 43, No 4 A Canadian Commentary on Constructive Expropriation Law Under NAFTA Article 1110 Abstract   PDF
Raymond E. Young
Vol 51, No 4: Special Issue: The Future of Law School A Canadian Law School Curriculum for this Age Abstract   PDF
Ian Holloway
VOL 39, NO 4 A Choice among Values: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives on the Defence of Necessity Abstract   PDF
Benjamin L. Berger
VOL 42, NO 4 A Closer Look at Uberrimae Fidei: A Review of Insurance Bad Faith, Gordon Hilliker. Q.C. Details   PDF
Barbara Billingsley
Vol 38, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition A Comparative Overview of the Unbundling of Gas Distribution Services in North America - Lessons for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth L. Bhar, Mark E. MacDonald
Vol 47, No 4 A Comparison of the Spanish and Canadian Law of Self-Defence Abstract   PDF
Javier Valls Prieto, Wayne N. Renke
Vol 54, No 3: Special Issue: Health Law A Constitutional Future for Abortion Rights in Canada Abstract   PDF
Joanna N Erdman
Vol 48, No 4 A Crack in Everything: Restorative Possibilities of Plea-Based Sentencing Courts Abstract   PDF
Simon Owen
VOL 42, NO 4 A Critical Analysis of Civil Procedure Rules 187 and 190: Stringency without Efficacy Abstract   PDF
Peter Bowal, Ben Lau
VOL 41, NO 2 A Failed Experiment - Investigative Detention: Ten Years Later Abstract   PDF
James Stribopoulos
Vol 45, No 2 A "Fair" Trade Law of Nations or A "Fair" Global Law of Economic Relations? Abstract   PDF
Frank J. Garcia
Vol 43, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition A Gathering Storm: Water Conflict in Alberta Abstract   PDF
Randall W. Block, Joel Forrest
John M. Law, Roderick J. Wood
Vol 4, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Oil and Gas Lease A Look at the Lease from the Lessor's Point of View Details   PDF
J. B. Dea
VOL 32, NO 4: The ALR's 100th Issue A Need for Change: Cross-Cultural Sensitization of Lawyers Abstract   PDF
Troy Chalifoux
VOL 34, NO 1: SPECIAL ISSUE: ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION A New Bottle for Renewed Wine: The Arbitration Act, 1991 Abstract   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt
VOL 41, NO 4 A New Era in Metis Constitutional Rights: The Importance of Powley and Blais Details   PDF
Catherine Bell, Clayton Leonard
VOL 30, NO 4 A Note on Escape from Arbitration Clauses: Effect of the New Arbitration Act Details   PDF
W. H. Hurlburt
Vol 29, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition A Perspective on Merger Review and Other Current Topics under the Competition Act Abstract   PDF
Calvin S. Goldman
Vol 45, No 3: Petroleum Law Edition A Practical Guide to Competition Act Compliance in the Oil and Gas Industry Abstract   PDF
John Lowman, Susan Boughs, Jo'Anne Strekaf, Beth Riley
VOL 34, NO 2 A Practical Guide to Mooting by S.A. Williams & J. Walker Details   PDF
William Johnston
VOL 38, NO 2 A Primer on Citizenship Revocation for WWII Collaboration: The 1998-1999 Federal Court Term Abstract   PDF
Claire I. Farid
Vol 38, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition A Primer on Conducting Oil and Gas Operations in the Northern Rocky Mountain States: A Strange New World Abstract   PDF
John R. Lee
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) A Purposive Approach to Whistleblower Protection: A Comment on Merk v. International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers, Local 771 Abstract   PDF
Sean C. Doyle
Vol 55, No 1 A Rational Approach to Cabinet Immunity Under the Common Law Abstract   PDF
Yan Campagnolo
VOL 40, NO 2 A Rejoinder to Professor Anand Details   PDF
Timothy Caulfield
Vol 46, No 1 A Review of Emerging GHG Emissions Trading in North America: Fragmentation or Progress? Abstract   PDF
Grant Boyle
Vol 40, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition A Review of the Canada Petroleum Resources Act and the Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act as the Legal Framework for Future Development in the Northwest Territories Abstract   PDF
Raymond E. Quesnel
Vol 9, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry A Review of the National Energy Board Policies and Practices and Recent Hearings Abstract   PDF
R. J. Gibbs, D. W. MacFarlane, H. J. Knowles
Vol 10, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement: The Canadian Arctic and Northern Regions and Other Selected Matters of Current Interest to the Oil and Gas Industry A Review of the National Energy Board Report on Gas Export, August, 1970 Abstract   PDF
D.W. MacFarlane, G.A. Connell
Vol 27, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement A Tale of Two Cases Abstract   PDF
Eric Gertner, Alan J. Lenczner
Vol 47, No 2: Petroleum Law Edition A Tale of Two Provinces: Imposing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Constraints Through Law and Policy in Alberta and British Columbia Abstract   PDF
Teresa Meadows, Tony Crossman
Vol 44, No 2 (2006) A Team Production Theory of Canadian Corporate Law Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Ben-Ishai
VOL 38, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS A Theory of Democratic Adjudication: Towards a Representative, Accountable and Independent Judiciary Abstract   PDF
K. D. Ewing
VOL 43, NO 2 A Theory of Vicarious Liability Abstract   PDF
J. W. Neyers
VOL 38, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS A Tone of Timidity: Final Appeal: Decision-making in Canadian Courts of Appeal by Ian Greene, Carl Baar, Peter McCormick, George Szablowski, and Martin Thomas (Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, 1998) Details   PDF
Graeme A. Barry
VOL 40, NO 2 A Triumph of Liberalism: The Supreme Court of Canada and the Exclusion of Evidence Abstract   PDF
Julianne Parfett
VOL 33, NO 4: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND ETHICS A View as to the Profile of a Lawyer in Private Practice Abstract   PDF
Alan D. Hunter
VOL 42, NO 2 Abdicating Responsibility: The Unprincipled Use of Deference in Lavoie v. Canada Details   PDF
Alyn James Johnson
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada: Essays on Law, Equity, and Respect for Difference by Michael Asch, ed. Details   PDF
Peter H. Russell
Vol 43, No 1: Petroleum Law Edition Aboriginal Impact and Benefit Agreements: Practical Considerations Abstract   PDF
Sandra Gogal, Richard Reigert, JoAnn Jamieson
VOL 30, NO 4 Aboriginal Resource Use in Canada Historical and Legal Aspects, edited by Kerry Abel and Jean Friesen Details   PDF
L.N. Chartrand
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Aboriginal Rights and State Obligations Abstract   PDF
Patrick MacKlem
VOL 36, NO 1: SYMPOSIUM ON ABORIGINAL LEGAL ISSUES Aboriginal Title and Aboriginal Rights: What's the Connection Abstract   PDF
Kent McNeil
Vol 52, No 4 Aboriginal Youth Overrepresentation in Canadian Correctional Services: Judicial and Non-Judicial Actors and Influence Abstract   PDF
Nate Jackson
Vol 49, No 1 Access Denied? Inconsistent Jurisprudence on the Open Court Principle and Media Access to Exhibits in Canadian Criminal Cases Abstract   PDF
Dana Adams
Vol 47, No 1 Access to Justice, Judicial Economy, and Behaviour Modification: Exploring the Goals of Canadian Class Actions Abstract   PDF
Matthew Good
Vol 23, No 1: Petroleum Law Supplement Acid-Causing Emission Standards in Alberta: The Standard-Setting Process, Enforcement and Forums Abstract   PDF
Shelley N. Phillips, Gale L. Pretash
Vol 14, No 3: Petroleum Law Supplement Acquisition of Exploration and Production Rights Outside of Canada Abstract   PDF
Robert F. Newby
Vol 45, No 4 Advisory Review: The Reincarnation of the Notwithstanding Clause Abstract   PDF
Richard Albert
VOL 41, NO 2 Advocacy in the New Millennium Abstract   PDF
Fred Ferguson
Vol 46, No 3 After Labaye: The Harm Test of Obscenity, the New Judicial Vacuum, and the Relevance of Familiar Voices Abstract   PDF
Richard Jochelson
Vol 8, No 2: Petroleum Law Supplement: Oil and Gas Joint Venture Agreements After Acquired Rights, Restraint on Alienation and Perpetuities Problems in Joint Venture Agreements Abstract   PDF
B.V. Reed
VOL 39, NO 4 Age of the Living Dead: Personality Rights of Deceased Celebrities Abstract   PDF
David Collins
Vol 44, No 4 (2007) Agricultural Biotechnology and the "Early-Working" Exemptions Under the Patent Act Abstract   PDF
Martin Phillipson
VOL 31, NO 3: SPECIAL ISSUE: THE POWER OF THE PURSE: FINANCIAL INCENTIVES AS REGULATORY INSTRUMENTS Aid for Sisyphus: Incentives and Canadian Content Regulation in Broadcasting Abstract   PDF
H. N. Janisch
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