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Comment on Mustapha v. Culligan of Canada
Lewis N. Klar
Research into Eyewitness Accuracy: Is it Being Taught to Law Students?
Ian Fraser, Louise Bond-Fraser, Emily A. Ready & Michael Houlihan
Sticking to the Principles: Interpreting the New Alberta Rules of Court
Benjamin J. Kormos
Damage Awards in Internet Defamation Cases: Reassessing Assumptions About the Credibility of Online Speech
Matthew Nied
Victim Impact Statements: Alberta Lawyers’ Perspectives
Alicia L. Bateman (formerly of CSIS) and Adjunct Professor J. Thomas Dalby (Psychology, University of Calgary)
The Supreme Court Revisiting Corporate Accountability: BCE Inc. in search of a legal construct known as the “Good Corporate Citizen”
Jeffrey Bone
Perversion of Justice II
Moin A Yahya
Bill C-268: Minimum Sentences for Child Trafficking Needed
Assistant Professor Benjamin Perrin (Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia)
R. v. Labaye: The Fogginess of “Increased” Causality in Obscenity Law
Assistant Professor Richard Jochelson (Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg)
Reynolds' Review of International Law and Indigenous Knowledge: Intellectual Property, Plant Biodiversity and Traditional Medicine
Graham Reynolds and the Tort of Misappropriation of Personality
Darren LaRose
ADISQ vs. Heri: Can the CRTC Control Internet Radio Content?
Dave Ranson
Property Crimes in Virtual Worlds
Maurice C. Dransfeld
Chief Justice McLachlin's Centenary Event Lecture
Alberta Law Review
Free Information Exchange or Free Riding Profit Taking? Exploring the Effectiveness of Existing Copyright Law in the Context of Online Media
Alex Coombes
General Introduction Paper Series on Internet Law
Cameron Hutchison
The Supreme Court of Canada Tackles Claims for Nervous Shock
Russell Brown (Faculty of Law, University of Alberta)


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