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Lowery, J. B.
Lowery, J. B.
Lowery, J. Boyd
Lowman, John
Lown, Peter J. M.
Lown, Peter J. M.
Lowther, Frederick M.
Lucas, Alastair
Lucas, Alastair, Professor of Law and Director, Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) Program, University of Calgary.
Lucas, Alastair R.
Lucas, Alastair R.
Luft, Keith, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, Penn West Exploration.
Lund, Anna, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Alberta
Lundrigan, R. A.
Lupul, Philip
Luther, Emily
Luther, Glen E.
Lyndon, J. L.
Lysyk, Kenneth M.


M'Gonigle, R. Michael
MacCallum, Edward P.
MacDiarmid, Don
MacDiarmid, Donald
MacDiarmid, Donald G.
MacDiarmid, Donald G.
Macdonald, A. F.
MacDonald, Alexander
MacDonald, C. P.
MacDonald, Deborah A.
MacDonald, Lois G.
MacDonald, Mark
MacDonald, Mark E.
MacDonald, R. A.
Macdonald, Roderick A.
MacDonald, Roderick A.
MacDonnell, John
MacDougall, Bruce
MacFarlance, Kevin S.
MacFarlane, D. W.
MacFarlane, D.W.
MacFarlane, Julie
MacGregor, D.J.
MacGuigan, Mark R.
MacInnes, W.B.
MacInness, W.B.
MacIntosh, Constance, Associate Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University
MacIntosh, Constance
MacIsaac, R. F.
MacKay, A. Wayne
Mackay, John R.
MacKay, William R., Senior Legal Counsel. Government of Nunuvut, Department of Executive and Intergovernmental Affairs.
MacKenzie, Gavin
MacKenzie, Gavin, Partner, Heenan Blaikie LLP, Toronto; Treasurer, Law Society of Upper Canada
MacKimmie, R. A.
MacKinnon, William
MacKinnon, William, University of Alberta
Mackintosh, Murray F.
MacKlem, Patrick
MacKnight, Robin J.
Maclean, James R, Heenan Blaikie LLP, Calgary
MacLean, James A.
MacLean, Jason, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan
MacLean, Lois
Maclean, Neil D.
MacLeod, K.R.
Macleod, Roderick
Macleod, Roderick C.
Macnab, Kimberly, Associate, McCarthy T├ętrault LLP
MacNevin, Alex
MacNevin, Alex S.
MacPherson, Darcy L.
MacPherson, Darcy L, Assistant Professor. Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba; Associate, Marcel A. Desautels Centre for Private Enterprise and the Law, University of Manitoba.
MacPherson, Darcy L.
Macpherson, Lillian
MacPherson, M.D., A. D.
MacWilliam, D. A.
MacWilliam, D.A.
MacWilliam, D.A.
Madden, Mike
Madigan, Arnold R.
Maginley, Amy
Magnet, Joseph E.
Magnus, J.G.
MaGuire, D. P.
Maguire, Pat
Maguire, Patrick
Mahaffey, R.R.
Maharaj, Krish
Maharaj, Krish
Mahoney, Kathleen
Mahoney, Kathleen E.
Major, Blair A., Candidate, Doctor of Civil Law, Faculty of Law, McGill University and SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholar
Major, Justice J.C.
Malecki, Michal
Malhotra, Rajiv
Malhotra, Ravi, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa.
Malhotra, Ravi A., Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, University of Ottawa; SJD, University of Toronto, 2007; LL.M., Harvard Law School, 2002.
Mallet, Melanie, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa
Mandamin, Leonard
Manderscheid, Don J.

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